Photo by James Furtado

Photo by James Furtado

Hi, I’m Albert Cornelissen and this is where some of my film photography lives.

I’ve been mostly using Instagram for the past few years as a home for my photography, but there are some pictures that the format just doesn’t do justice. So here we are. A place where I can put the pictures I feel deserve a little better.

I’m not a professional photographer. I’ve been shooting film since I was in my teens and it’s become something of a passion. I love the whole process, from loading bulk film into canisters all the way through to making prints in the darkroom.

I do sell prints (and sometimes books or magazines) on this website, but that money goes right back into enabling me to shoot more film.

I haven’t done any commercial work, but with 15+ years of film photography experience in various formats I’ll give it a shot. Get in touch: