Hello! If you're looking for any of the following services, you've come to the right place:

  • From time to time I will have complete builds up for sale on eBay. Check here.
  • Files and instructions for some of my conversions and camera builds - they're all free on Printables!
  • If you want your Polaroid 110A/110B/800 converted to shoot Instax Wide, send me a message on Instagram and we can talk specifics - I offer both the original version, and a "deluxe" version where I replace the top plate with a custom designed 3D-print and transplant all the necessary optics
  • See one of my designs you like, but don't want to print or build it yourself? I do both. Once again, message me on Instagram and we can chat about what you need
  • If you have an idea or specific camera-related need (analogue or digital), I do bespoke designs, prototyping, and builds.

💬 Send me a DM on Instagram for any enquiries, or 🍺 Buy me a beer if you want to say thank you for any of my designs.